Chandra on Leave


This year I have the distinct privilege of taking a study and refreshment leave after my annual vacation time in December. This means that I will be away from Forest Grove Community Church and GroveYouth from Dec. 3rd, 2018 until May 1st, 2019.

The purpose of my leave is just as its title suggests; study and refreshment. After a couple heavy years of ministry and life transitions I am excited for a time of rest that will help me slow down, gain perspective, spend much needed time with my family, and finish two classes in the master’s degree I have just started. Alongside rest and study I will also be working part time for Camp Kadesh doing some resource creation and development of our discipleship processes.

Taking a leave from a job like mine is a healthy but difficult thing. The leaders, students, and parents that I work with weekly are so entwined in my life. They are my youth kids and leaders and parents but also my friends. I know I will very much miss my vibrant and full Tuesday and Friday nights, but I also know I will serve better after taking this time away.

Because of the overlapping of life and ministry, I am creating some specific guidelines for my time away:

  • I will not be checking my work email. If an emergency arises and I need to be contacted, there are people who make me aware of these things.
  • I will not be doing any references or letters of recommendation. This includes job and school references.
  • With a couple exceptions, I will not be doing any weddings during my time off or shortly after (as the pre-marital counselling happens during the months before a wedding).
  • I am not completely inaccessible during this time. I do want to engage with people from my ministry areas at some points in these 5 months. However, I request it be at my initiative so that I am able to ensure it’s not impeding the purpose of time away.

While I am away, here are the people you can contact with your needs for GroveYouth:

You can also find most information at

I am so thankful to all of the people who are making this opportunity possible for me and am curious to see how Jesus will meet me in this designated time of rest. I pray it restores parts of me that are tired, realigns my vision and heart with God’s, and awakens things in my spirit that have been quiet.