Why Are We Purchasing Chairs?

At our June 2017 congregation meeting, our congregation approved the replacement of our Sanctuary Pews with Chairs. The Facility Development Team proposed this project for a number for factors. Thirty years of use has taken its toll on the rooms original pews. There are structural concerns with a growing number of the pews, and the upholstery on the pews is becoming threadbare – and in places has worn through.

We looked into the costs of fixing the structural issues and re-upholstering the original pews, but we discovered that the cost of replacing the pews with quality chairs was a fraction of the cost of fixing our original pews. Chairs also gives us more flexibility with where we place people with wheel-chairs or other mobility challenges.

Although the chairs are available in a rusty orange colour – we think it might be time for a colour change.

Why These Chairs?

We had a team look into the options available, talk to other churches that have installed chairs in their sanctuaries, and checked what was available online. The chairs we have selected come from a Canadian owned company out of Lethbridge. This company seemed to have both the highest quality and lowest price for chairs that might suit our requirements. They also received very positive reviews from people that have used their products.

The chairs lock together to provide a “pew-like” feel. Many people have said that they don’t even notice where one chair starts and ends – and families have noted they still feel they can “snuggle in” with their kids – sitting over the breaks in the chairs.

What Next?

The first phase of installing chairs on the main floor has been completed and intend to install the balcony chairs in January.

We will be looking for people to help remove the old pews and install the new chairs. There will be opportunities for everyone who wants to be involved to serve with this project. Jobs from removing old pews, vacuuming and cleaning the carpets, and placing the new chairs on the floor.

If you are willing and able to help with this project, please contact the church office to add your name to the list – and more details will be emailed to you the week before.