2016 Panama Mission Team

PANAMA: Building/Work Team

We are planning to send a work team to Panama to help construct Alan & Colleen Foster’s new home in Yaviza. We are looking for handy and skilled people to join in on the project! Alan has indicated that it would be great to have people with experience in finishing concrete/tile floors, masonry, carpentry, cabinetry, electrical, and plumbing. Besides construction skills, a willingness to serve and be flexible is definitely an asset! Arnold Community Church, from Abbotsford, will be sending a crew down to Panama as well, so we will work as a team on the house.
The trip will be from May 18-30. There will be several orientation meetings and a fundraiser BBQ. Applications are due March 27, and can be found at the Welcome Center or online, by clicking here: Soar-Panama-Application-2016 Check out the application for more information!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tori at torijbraun@hotmail.com, or call the church at 306-933-2266. You can also contact Maryanne at maryanne@forestgrovecc.com.

Nicole Platanares 13